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The University of Utah's
Official Geek Content Platform

The Geekwave was started in 2014 by Jarom “Solar” Norris and Claire Heman, as a weekly live radio show on K-UTE Radio. Through partnerships with clubs and conventions it became clear that there was not only a huge geek audience on campus, but there were also plenty of people on campus that wanted to make geek-centered content. We added a small blog in early 2015, switched to a podcast in August of that year, and continued expanding our blog, video, and social content, until getting our own website in August 2016. Now with a whole team of content creators and many different mediums, we continue to dedicate ourselves to content made by students for geeks.

The Geekwave ran a UofU Minecraft Server when they first launched at the height of Minecraft’s popularity.

In March 2015 we did Geek Madness, an audience-voted bracket of 32 Geek Icons. After a month of voting, J.R.R. Tolkien came out victorious. We brought it back the next year, where Gandalf won it all.

In June of 2015 we hosted one of the first Hearthstone Tournaments with the newly-founded Utah chapter of TESPA.

We experimented with 360 Degree Filming by recording cosplayers at Salt Lake Comic Con.

We brought Student Media in as a sponsor for the Respawn Ready Charity eSports event, and hosted a Mario Kart 8 tournament and Pokémon Day meet-up.

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