Another Manipulation of Game Results in SC 1

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In 2010, there was an infamous game manipulation in SC 1 committed by Ma Jae Yun. Since then, many SC 1 fans left the industry due to its lost credibility. In 2012, all leagues either closed down or switched to SC 2 leagues until recently AfreecaTV started to host SC 1 leagues for the first time since 2016 with the fan’s deep longing for good old SC 1 leagues. However, it was found that just recently, March 15th, professional gamer Ha Neul repeated the same crime, manipulation of game results during the G-Star league in 2017.

Known as the best Starcraft player Flash, Lee Young-Ho, mentioned that he had warned Sky, Ha Neul, that he will be sued if he continues to make result manipulations because it is too conspicuous, especially for professional players.

The reason behind such action is that this kind of manipulation can provide a player with more revenue through dealers, sports betting sites, and his acquaintances. Generally, when a player becomes a champion in a league, he receives prize money totaling 30,000 dollars without tax deductions. Yet, through getting paid from dealers, sports betting sites, and his acquaintances betting on those sites and providing the player with a certain percentage, a player can probably receive more than 70,000 dollars. This amount is the current obvious revenue he can make. Other people guess there is more revenue he can make behind the scenes.

In the perspective of a player, it can be understandable. However, the crime not only affects the viewers, but the whole industry. As it happened before by Ma Jae Yun, it can be easily learned that such a crime has led to tremendous drawbacks to the industry because of its lost viewers due to lost credibility.

Many players, therefore, expressed their infuriation toward his actions. Currently, the AfreecaTV platform has banned him from streaming. The prosecution is still in progress, trying to weigh and determine the level of crime and punishment.

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