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In the wake of conventions rising up in Utah, we are finally getting a furry convention: Anthro Weekend Utah coming to the downtown Salt Lake City Radisson October 27-28th 2017! I recently got to do a Skype interview with 2 of the 6 con committee, Giga Fox (Ricky) and Jojo. Here is the interview:

Q: First off, what is Anthro Weekend Utah?
A: Giga: It is the culmination of a big, old, crazy idea. There has been a serious lack of furry cons in Utah ever since Unthrocon and Furry Unlocked closed and chose not to continue. As the community grows, they wanted something accessible for everyone in Utah, as well as alluring for out-of-state attendees. They want more high profile people to attend.  It is a convention by a whole bunch of passionate fans set to be for them.

Q: When and where will the convention be hosted?
A: It will be hosted on the 27th and 28th of October at the Radisson in downtown SLC.

Q: Is there a current estimate of how many vendors/attendees you expect?
A: Giga: For attendees…hoping for a minimum of 300, but shooting for as many as possible. Working with local cons and other out-of-state cons with advertising and helping them get off the ground.
Jojo: We’re being helped by Crystal Mountain Pony Con; their last con had 800 attendees at the Radisson.
Giga: They are working with Furmedia, which is a popular furry news site/podcast/web show. They’re working with them a lot. The president at Furmedia has a lot of con connections in the US and outside the US. He has a lot of US connections. Strong connections with BLFC.

Q: Any special guests?
A:  Giga: To be announced!

Q: Do you feel that Salt Lake Comic Con has ushered in the right environment for Utah to host a furry con?
A: Giga: Definitely. I definitely think so. Utah has always been a very nerdy state, but it’s very fandom-centric. It’s a place where people are always eager to show off what they can do creatively or otherwise. Having Comic Con and building up this economy of cons in Utah is making things explode. Up until Comic Con, I had never attended a con, but now I’ve attended many cons in Utah.

Q: Is there anything you want our readers to know about the con?
A: Giga: The main thing I would want to express is I know that the biggest doubt for a lot of people looking at furry cons in Utah now is that there have been previous fur cons that have gone the way of the dodo. What we’re working with here is a completely different environment, committee, with entirely different plans. AWU is being run like a business. A lot of the previous complaints have been the community, we do not believe that at all. You have to have a product they’re willing to buy into. If you have a product and they don’t buy it, you need to market it better. We plan on and are preparing for success, and if it fails, we only have ourselves to blame. We are confident and going full force at this convention. We’re not being paid or compensated, asides from being thrilled about having a con there. As of right now, everything it’s going to be is everything we’re throwing at it.
Jojo: I think that goes with our hashtag, #legalizeawu. Make this happen, make it legal, make it come together, and make it happen for years to come. That gives the meaning to “legalizeawu”.
Giga: In the end, it’s a group effort from everybody involved.

For further information about the convention, check out the con’s website and social media pages:

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