ASL 5! The AfreecaTV Starcraft League

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Photo by AfreecaTV

ASL 5 in process of defeating Flash

Salt Lake City, March 27

ASL 5 (AfreecaTV Starcraft 1 League) is on the go. On the 27th in Korea, 24th round for ASL 5 had ended and members of the groups for round 16 had been solidified.

Due to Flash’s (Lee Young-Ho) consecutive championship in ASL 2, 3, and 4, the public expressed agitation toward Flash and the species’, Terran’s, seemingly unfair imbalance amongst other species. It made the ASL contracted parties create new maps that do not favor Terran’s chance of winning. Those maps are Sparkle and Transistor. Sparkle is currently known as a map that Terran has a very low chance of winning the game against Protoss. Famous Protoss player Stork mentioned, “As long as Protoss does its job, it can never lose against Terran.” The map’s favor against Terran was clearly evident in the number of Terran players that made into the 16th round for ASL 5. Aside from Flash, only Mind was able to make to the round.

It is within bounds to say that ASL 5 was made to beat Flash. It is to be viewed how will other players knock down the ultimate Starcraft player Flash.

The four groups from A to D are set. In Group A: there are Flash, Mind, Where, and Shine; in Group B: herO, BeSt, Stork, and SnOw; in Group C: Larva, Jaedong, Shuttle, and effort; in Group D: Rain, Action, Movie, and Mini.

The first round within Group A is on the first of April at 7 pm in Korean time. It is at 4 am in US time. It can be viewed in the morning on the first at the Youtube Channel AfreecaTV Live. Artosis and Tasteless broadcasts for English viewers. It can also be viewed through other professional players’ channels such as Dotube and JaeDong TV if wished to be viewed in Korean.

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