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Anime Banzai was sooo much fun this year! Between the incredible cosplay and wonderful community, this convention is always enjoyable. For 12 years now, yes that’s right 12 years running, Anime Banzai has been that one convention that you know is by and for the fans. Some of the cool events that were thrown this year included panels of course, but also the AMV and cosplay contest, and even the fan run ribbon contest. Yet, it was the Pokemon badge scavenger hunt that was the favorite for our members on The Geekwave who went this year (Virginia got the most by far). As some of you were aware last year our team ran the panel “Teach Me Anime Like I’m Five” where we taught Logan aka the Loli Pop what anime was. Next year we wanted to run the panel again, but are looking for someone who doesn’t know basically anything about anime. So if you have a friend or know someone who has never heard of anime message us below if you would like them to have Anime Banzai and The Geekwave teach them our ways!

Anime Banzai Wide Photos

Anime Banzai Tall Photos

We hope you guys enjoyed the pictures we got of only some of this years spectacular cosplay at Anime Banzai 2017! Hope to see you guys next year!

Photos by Lee Neuschwander and Daisy Gonzalez

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