Best Clubs to Join on Campus

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For those of us who are not exemplary students who took summer courses, this week is the beginning of the new school year. Starting this week the all night Netflix and Crunchy Roll binges must come to an end. However, this year is panning out to be a great school year for the UoU geek.

I know they say that you’re supposed to save the best for last, but if you didn’t know already (if you’re reading this blog I really, truly hope you know this already) The Geekwave’s new official website has thus opened to the geek public. If that wasn’t enough to get you hyped for the school year the geek and nerd clubs at the University of Utah have also awaken from their summer slumber.



Although I could spend a great deal listing off all the different geek oriented clubs that the U has to offer I’ve managed to narrow it down to my top three in terms of activity and consistency. My first pick for clubs would naturally have to be the Anime Club. This year we have a new and tested club management team who plan on making this the golden age for the Anime club. I won’t bore you with the details of what they have planned for this year, but I highly suggest you give them a visit. To this day I’ve never been bored while attending a meeting. Feel free to check their Facebook for more information.

Next on my list is the Great Moves Game Society, or our board game club. Now I don’t have much information on what they are planning for this year. However, I can honestly say that the GMGS is a great place to start in getting involved with the geek community of campus. Another great way of getting involved with the numerous geeky clubs on campus would be to check out TESPA’s website listed here and their Facebook right over here. For new students, TESPA is kind of like our gaming overlords who manage and plan events for the different clubs on campus. Some of their biggest events happen to involve our next club on the list: the League of Legends Student Association.

LoLSA has always been one of the few clubs on campus to run tournaments and other community events at the U. Our varsity team is looking good this year and it looks like it’s going to be another great year for LoLSA. If you want to join up with LoLSA, which I advise you do, you can visit their Facebook and join the LeagueOfUtes chat room on LoL.

I’m so excited for clubs this year I can hardly contain it. If you want to learn more about the clubs here at the UoU, check our sites community tab. And if you know that there’s a club that’s not listed yet, get their officers to email us details at! We plan on keeping you all up to date with events on The Geekwave Facebook so stay tuned.

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