CES 2017 Wrap Up: 50 Years of Tech!

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In 1967 tech professionals from around the world gathered for the first annual Consumer Electronics Show. Fifty years of tech later, CES is the place to be for industry giants, buyers, innovators, investors and media; CES 2017 was no exception. Technology really makes some amazing strides and a lot of innovative ideas were presented this year. Additionally, the iteration on current products is amazing. CES is a big show and I tried to see as much as possible. You can look at the insoles in my shoes for proof. Now I could go on and list all the cool technologies that were in the spotlight but odds are you have already seen them. Instead, below are some intriguing technologies that caught my eye and may have missed yours.

To kick it off, here is a 3D model of my face! That is right you can spin it, look into my eyes and realize I have three ears. I don’t know how I didn’t notice. The 3D model is courtesy of Bellus 3D. They hope to make three dimensional scanning much more accessible for the average consumer. Why would you want to have a copy machine when you can just have a 3D scanner. The most amazing part is this literally took 30 seconds…30 ****ing seconds!


Moving deeper into the virtual realm, we have VR. As one may expect virtual reality had quite a presence at CES 2017. There were some interesting VR technologies here and there but I personally did not feel that VR made a really good showing this year. However, there seems to be a trend for 360 cameras such as the 360fly and Samsung Galaxy Gear 360.

We made a video of dancing Deadpools at Salt Lake Comic Con with one of these!

Does anyone else get a Skynet vibe from this?


I personally find these appealing because they really allow a user to create videos with a well rounded experience. Puns aside, the cameras are fun to use and the footage looks absolutely awesome! Here is a picture we took during a tour of the Samsung booth. The angle is definitely strange but it amazed me how easy it was to do.


What really peaked my interest this year was augmented reality. Had you talked to me two years ago I would not have been excited about AR. Besides, augmented reality is going to primarily help with work-oriented tasks. Wrong! Introducing Father.IO: Massive Multiplayer Laser Tag. Out of all the things at CES, I am most excited for this. You buy the laser, you attach it to your phone and bam Battlefield in augmented reality. I just cannot wait to see where this goes and it is amazingly inexpensive for a laser tag experience, $50 for two lasers. The best part is Craig Allen, who founded the studio that brought the world “Call of Duty,” is behind this. Sooner or later they are gonna be selling exoskeleton suits so I can wall run as I blast my friends going into work. No where is safe.



Last but not least, we have the future of eyewear ODG‘s line of smartglasses. There is the R-7, R-8, and R-9 but the R-7 is primarily designed for consumers and is the more affordable option.



These, I hope, are the future glasses for the Men in Black.


Having tested an earlier model at CES 2016, I was pleasantly surprised by the image quality and form of the glasses. I am curious about their durability and heat factor after continued use, but if you have the money and want to make a fashion statement these could be a good buy.


To wrap it up, here is a flash to the past. This is the registration line at the CES 1968. Who would have imagined that 2017 would bring us 3D scanning, 360 degree cameras, virtual reality, augmented  reality and so much more. For them we are the future. The pressing question now is who will be our future?

I hope you enjoyed the article and have spun my 3D face around a few times. Comment below and let us know what you think. Until next time, geek out!

-Logan “Ollie” Erickson

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