Farewell Tower of Terror

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You may have heard the announcement in January that the Tower of Terror at Disneyland, California, was officially replaced. Even if you didn’t hear, you likely recently saw trailers in Marvel movies with Rocket recruiting viewers to save his friends. That’s not a video game, that’s called Mission Breakout and it’s a ride in the same tower that Tower of Terror used to be in.

You heard that correctly; they replaced the Tower of Terror to a Guardians of the Galaxy themed ride. As much as I love the adventures of Starlord, it’s not exactly an even trade.

Arguably, Tower of Terror was the best ride in the Disney park. It’s as classic as the tv series that inspired it, The Twilight Zone. It was my favorite ride even when I was a terrified ten-year-old. So let’s take a minute this Halloween to remember the best-haunted ride in the park.

For those who never got the chance to experience Tower of Terror, it wasn’t just the sudden drops of the elevator that drew people in. It was the suspense. When waiting in line, they locked you in a room and told the story of people disappearing in the elevator, never to be seen again. Grown adults could feel the tension in the air. The rooms were dark and appeared in black and white. Once in the elevator, there was no way of knowing when it was going to drop or rise.

As the tallest ride in the park, it also gave an amazing view for the few seconds the elevator hovered at the top window.

When I waited in line on Friday the Thirteenth this Halloween season, I couldn’t help but be disappointed. It’s not that Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout is bad. It was arguably just as fun and still the best ride in the park. The only difference is that it is geared toward a more general audience. My siblings would not have decided to sit out as they had done when we were younger.

But because the premise changed, the Tower ride is a bit disappointing, especially around Halloween. Everyone needs a good suspenseful scare every once in a while.

Rest In Peace, Tower of Terror.

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