The Four Essentials of Playing as Protoss

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These are the four essentials for success as a Protoss Player or for Starcraft players in general.

As a side note, the following four rules apply to all three species: Zerg, Terran, and Protoss

Dividing the first four probes.

  • Dividing the first four probes into each mineral is a necessity in the beginning. Usually, a player drags all four probes at the same time and orders them to mine the same mineral so that you don’t have any more clicks to worry about. However, if you do that, then the probes will be overlapped and not all probes will mine minerals. Only one probe can mine one mineral at a time, so you need to separate the four probes into four different minerals so that they all can mine minerals and earn more within a short amount of time.

Importance of producing probes incessantly.

  • This part is what all, if not most, professional Starcraft players say: always produce probes until you think they are too much to handle. I have seen most professional players producing probes, drones, or SCVs until they reach a unit population of 120/200 to 150/200. Not that these numbers are all probes, other units are included, yet the massive production of probes is needed. The reason for this is to acquire more resources. More probes means more resources, more resources mean more structures. Therefore, more units to fight with. Finally, emerging to winning.

Timely extension of bases (Nexuses).

  • If this is not done, producing massive probes becomes futile. As I mentioned, a probe can only mine one mineral at a time. Therefore, massive probes need another base so that they have a place of their own to mine, not having to wait for bunch of probes in front of the line to mine it. When you feel like you have produced enough probes for you to get a new base, go for it. Give them places to work for mining minerals. That way, you acquire more minerals efficiently and quickly. By the time you have about your third base, you will feel like you have too many resources and feel like you do not know what to do with them.

Importance of increasing numbers of structures.

  • Many players forget to build more structures and probably have their resources piled up, not buying anything, waiting for that next zealot or the next dragoon to come out. If you have more structures, you will not have to deal with that. Just build 18 gateways and produce your units with every one of them. You will use your resources quickly!

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