Geek Wish-List: Future story concepts

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Hello again Geeks, happy 4th of July, this is the Geek Wish-List and today I want to talk about a very interesting concept.

When watching, reading, or even creating a story this thought may cross your mind, what happens when the journey ends? Most people either leave the thought alone and be happy with the story or try to come up with some kind of fan-fiction. Now, you know me and I’m always up for some good fan art, but I wish that more creators would continue their stories. As it stands, the only story that has really taken this idea and ran with it has been Naruto. On a side note if you are a fan of Naruto and have not yet seen The Last or The Boruto movie I suggest you do (NarutoXHinata FTW).



In my personal opinion the magnum opus of fan art is of the hero in a position that shows them having reached a goal or mile marker. Some examples of this are Naruto as Hokage, Midoriya as the number one hero, or even fan made goals like Ichigo becoming a captain of the 13 court guard squads. Truly the idea of seeing a character you’ve bonded with for so long in a position that they have striven for is very satisfying. However, what I really want to see is not just pictures of this scenario, but rather a complete story line.



What I wish for is a full production quality story of what happens when the hero becomes the mentor, or the legend that the new hero aims to best. For starters I could totally see team R.W.B.Y from Rooster Teeth’s RWBY teaching a newly graduated team of hunters/huntresses from Beacon. Weiss would be that big sister figure while Ruby and Yang act like show offs competing to be the better role model; with Blake standing in the background as the mysterious one that helps the young team with trauma. Another plot could be what happens in the One Piece anime once Luffy becomes the King of the Pirates.



However, this kind of feature isn’t limited to anime or books and the likes. As a gamer, the best sequel to a game that I have ever experienced was Pokemon Gold. For those of you who have not yet beaten Pokemon Gold, you poor deprived soul, this story will give you the push to do so. After you beat all gym leaders and the elite four you can go to Mt Silver and face off against the trainer from the previous game. For a gamer this was the pinnacle of accomplishment for the Pokemon Gold and Silver games. After having fought and struggled through the second game you get the chance to beat the legend that you had become in the first game. Not only did this trick give you the satisfaction of beating your “previous self”, but you also saw that your previous character had reached that goal of being the very best, like no one ever was.

I hope you all enjoyed my geek out session. Also if you have any ideas of some epic fan fiction ideas like the ones above please feel free to share them. I would really enjoy reading what you guys wish would happen in the Geekdom. Until next week Geek-Out!

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  1. Xavier Humberg

    Thought provoking question time! How would this be done without a sequel when it comes to video games? Is there a good way without a bunch of epilogue text?

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