Geek Wish-List: Game Con 2016

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Welcome back Geeks for another week of the Geek Wish-List. Today I wanted to tease you guys about our upcoming  trip to Game Con 2016. The con itself will be going on from June 2nd through the 4th at the South Town Expo Center.

The Con will be hosting tons of tournaments on the floor as well as a gamer related cosplay event. During these festivities The Geekwave will be there to provide you with all the content we can muster. Some of the events that I’m really excited for are the cosplay event, as well as, the Halo 5, League of Legends, and Rocket League tournaments. However, what I’m really wishing for is to have enough free time to really enjoy the festivities as a fellow Geek and gamer.



Speaking of being a gamer I’m excited to see how many people show up for the tournaments at the Con this year. Hopefully, the tournaments there will have a better showing than at Comic Con. This year there will be a total of seven different games being played. Out of those seven the ones I want to see the most are the LoL and Halo 5 tournaments. Partially because those are the only games that I’m somewhat good at, but also because those two are the only ones I don’t mind watching instead of playing.



Personally when it comes to Cons in general my favorite part is the cosplays. I love it when you walk onto the floor and you start to see your favorite characters walking through the halls. To be completely honest there is no other feeling like it. I’m really looking forward to the different kinds of cosplay that I’ll see there vs. what I’ve seen at other cons. However, my biggest hope is that people will be walking around in their new Overwatch cosplay. I’m looking forward to seeing how many of the characters have been brought to life since its release on the 24th.

I hope you guys enjoyed the tease. I apologize for it being shorter this week. However, with The Geekwave planning out our schedule I have been a little busier than usual. With that, plan on seeing more about Game Con in the coming week and Geek-out.



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  1. Xavier Humberg

    Personally, I’m excited for more of the tabletop games aspects of the con. Though video games are always nice, discovering a new board game has always filled me with more satisfaction than even an entire video game franchise (Undertale included).

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