Geek Wish-List: Overwatch Open Beta

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Hey guys its Lee Neuschwander again with your weekly dose of the Geek Wish-List. Today I want to share my opinions on the Overwatch Beta.

Some of the things that I’ve really enjoyed thus far are the character designs and the customization options for the characters. However, after playing around for a while I also found two flaws. One being in my opinion more ugly or just annoying than it is bad, while the other is just straight-up bad.

The Good:



One thing I can’t get enough of is that each character in Overwatch is so well designed and that it makes me jump for joy inside. I love how Blizzard has made these characters come from very diverse backgrounds and how their design shows off their nationality. Many of the characters occasionally speak in their native tongue be that French, German, or even Japanese. Being of German descent one of my favorites is Reinhardt says “Precision German engineering” when talking about his suit. This tickles my funny bone because whenever my family talks about cars or other machines, there’s a high chance of a joke about German engineering coming into play.



The other thing I like is all of the customization that you have for each character. Each character has different skins, voice lines, emotes, sprays (which I still can’t work right), victory poses, and heroic entrances. The best of these being the sprays which feel like they were designed with the community in mind. The best example is one of Reaper’s  sprays where he says “Keep Calm and Reap On”. Another feature I love is the that you can customize the heroic entrances. So when you have the play of the game you really get to show off your character in a cool way.

The Bad and the Ugly:



There were two things that made me cringe while playing this game. One is how Overpowered Bastion is in the beta and the second is how you slide of the roofs if they are slanted in any way. If you’ve played the beta at all, I’m sure that you’ve found out by now that Bastion’s turret mode will almost always get the play of the game. The other part being how when I try to be sneaky while on the roof tops, I keep finding spots where I slide off. Simply put, it’s a pet peeve of mine when I stop on the roof and ungracefully slide off into enemy fire.  Both are personal complaints and do not break the game for me, however they are complaints just the same.

This is all the time that I have, I hope that you have enjoyed my opinions about Overwatch and I look forward to sharing more of my opinions with you guys down the road. Until then enjoy the Open Beta, I know I will be.

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