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Hello again geeks and nerds and welcome to another week of the Geek Wish-List. I’m sure some of you have already heard about this game before, but some of you might have not. So before I start this list let me give a brief run down on what Star Citizen is.  Also if you want to skip my rant and do your own research, there is a link to their home page right here. 

For those of you who haven’t heard of Star Citizen yet let me be the first to say that you are missing out. Star Citizen is a 100%, yes 100%, crowd funded game that has earned the title of the 100 Million dollar game, take a gander through their official funding page here.  Star Citizen is a very ambitious space sim that plans on having an entirely functional persistent universe. The Verse , as they call it will consist of dozens of star systems and planets for players to play in and explore. However, what really impresses me is that the game will allow seamless transition from space flight to atmosphere; an impressive technological feat if ever I saw one.  Now I could go on all day just listing off all the features that Star Citizen plans on implementing, but then it wouldn’t be much of a wish-list now would it.



So now that I have peeked your interest, here is what  I’m looking forward to and what I hope will happen. One of my favorite features is also the newest. released about 7 months ago Repairs. Now I don’t know about you, but the idea of being a space mechanic with a huge flying garage sounds like fun to me. If you’re  thinking that sounds weird you might be right, but look at this way. The part of Star Citizen that I find the most enjoyable is how it allows such a high level of interaction with every ship inside the game. Now I don’t have the time or the money to go out and buy every ship in-game, however as a mechanic I don’t have too. So what better way of getting to see multiple ships without buying them than being the mechanic that fixes them. Topping it all off, I can make some in-game cash to boot. For an in-depth explanation on the repair system use this video, I found it very helpful.



So to if you haven’t guessed already my current wish for Star Citizen is to give us a ship that works like the Crucible, with a smaller price tag. This will be ideal for people who might not be willing to wait long enough to buy the Crucible with in0-game credits or blow real money on the ship. Either way though I’m really looking forward to playing with a repair system that doesn’t just involve pointing a blow torch at a vehicle and waiting for voodoo to fix things. The only problem that I have with the design of the system is the 2 different roles for repairs. I enjoy that the job will require cooperation, however I don’t like having the possibility of two people messing up instead of one. That being said If I find a good partner in crime, I would love to play the role of mechanic. Be that for a player organization or freelance, maybe even both.



I hope you guys like what you’ve learned here, I know I had fun looking deeper into Star Citizen. Until next time stay classy and I’ll see you all next week for another Geek Wish-List.

Game Mechanics
4.7 Stunning!!

Despite this game being in its early alpha stages the game is still remarkably well made. The idea alone is quite ambitious, but this team is managing to pull of what has never been done before. The game mechanics are still in the works, but what is available works. The Story has been hinted at with its campaign, yet the real story is created by the player. The Replay ability comes in with the exploration of an absolutely visually stunning and downright fun experience that comes together beautifully. When this game is finished it could be the holy grain of video games!

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