Happy Thanksgiving! Help Others Today

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Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Most of us here at The Geekwave are going home to our families today, but we’re also keeping in our hearts the people that we’re trying to help this month. Growing out our crappy college beards and mustaches may seem like a silly way to try and care about the world. But it’s a great way to get attention, and when people say “Oh, you’re growing it out?” we can say “Yeah, for cancer awareness. You should donate!”

Even though we’ve had very few of our outreach actually turn into meaningful action, we feel good about the fact that we’ve tried, we’ve donated, and we’ve kept this horrible problem on our minds this month. So on this day of Thanks, we ask that you please do the same, because some families are probably pretty solemn today. It’s horrible to not know how long a loved one is going to last, and some of us here already know what that feels like. So please donate to help those who happen to be unlucky. We’re so thankful for you, our audience.










Thank you.

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