Here Comes a New Challenger! Overwatch, Orisa Joins the Battle!

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Well, it’s that time again, Blizzard just dropped a new hero! And to everyone’s surprise, it isn’t Doomfist. Yes, Blizzard threw everyone for a loop with their newest hero, an African inspired, four-legged security bot named Orisa.

If haven’t heard anything about this interesting new addition to Blizzard’s roster, allow me to give you the low down. Orisa is a tank class hero with a repeating minigun and a plethora of supportive abilities.

Her primary fire, called the Fusion Driver, unleashes a torrent of charged plasma bolts inflicting 12 base damage a shot; she exudes these pellets of pain at 12 rounds per second, with an ammo capacity of 150 rounds (this was previously 200, but was scaled down before hitting the live servers).

This cannon feels amazing to fire and is absolutely lethal at a close range. The only issue is that the rounds are projectiles! That means no hit scans, you will have to lead your shots. But they travel at 66 meters per second, so they’re pretty fast, meaning she is still effective at medium range. I will admit, though, at longer ranges her damage dips off because of the spread.

Orisa’s alternate fire is called Halt, this ability fires a slow-moving orb (similar to Symetra’s) which, upon hitting a surface or the alt fire a second time, pulls all nearby enemies into its location. Halt has a cooldown of 8 seconds and is used primarily as a CC, moving enemies into position for better damage or syncing ultimates. And yes, it can be used for environmental kills, but this is difficult to pull off and not its primary purpose.

Orisa’s first ability is called protective barrier; this does exactly what the name implies: it fires a barrier. The barrier has 900 health and acts like a deployable stationary object (similar to Winston’s barrier), it lasts for 20 seconds, and has a cooldown of 12 seconds. It is a strong and reliable front line defense which I found extremely useful. It does have an odd curve to it, though, which makes positioning sometimes difficult.

Orisa’s second skill is Fortify; this reduces her damage taken by 50% from all sources and makes her immune to all CC effects. As well, it has a duration of 4 seconds and a cooldown of 10. Let me be clear, this applies to all in-game abilities with CC. It is powerful.

Finally, Orisa’s ultimate is Supercharger, a deployable drum which, when active, increases the damage of all nearby heroes by 50%. Her Drum is an in-game object with 200 HP that can be killed (like both of Symetra’s ults). Also, it has a radius of 25 meters, a duration of 25 seconds, and only effects heroes in the line of sight. This ability can turn a strong push into a devastating one.

Overall, I like Orisa. Her concept is fun and her gameplay is engaging. She feels like a combination of tank, support, and at times, DPS. Also, her basic attack is reliable and can shred most heroes at close range; all of her abilities provide great utility for both offense and defense as well. By herself, she is tanky as hell with 400 HP, 200 of which being armor. She is an imposing presence on the battlefield.

I think Orisa is going to be a favorite amongst new players; she does a little bit of everything well. Combined with her basic utility and ease of use, I expect her to quickly become the new pick-up-and-play hero. I would highly recommend giving Overwatch’s newest addition a try, she is crazy fun.

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