Key for Success in Starcraft 1

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Many of the SC 1 players want to raise their MMR (match making ratio) as high as they can. With an update to Remastered with SC1, SC 1 is now available to run a ‘rank’ match just like you play a rank game in League of Legends. In Starcraft 1, a player begins in his rank game with an MMR score of 1500. Pro gamer level is around a score of 3000. Normally, beginners for SC1 do not begin with rank games. Players who have just begun Starcraft, usually start playing with computers. It is rather difficult to win against a computer if you are fresh to the game. Many people say that SC1 is one of the most difficult games to play. It is true. With Starcraft, a player needs to consider managing resources, structures, units, and strategies.

One key element that will aid you in success with Starcraft is persistent practice. You will need to play more than a couple thousand times, if needed tens of thousands. One pro gamer mentioned that he played over 70,000 matches in his entire lifetime, playing 20 matches a day during his pro gamer career. One match takes about 20 to 40 minutes. It means you have to play a lot.

Also, watching lots of pro players play helps tremendously. Many players still professionally play online live. Most of the Korean players are on the platform. On this website, you can find Flash, Jaedong, Bisu, Free, etc. Today, Larva, a Zerg player is quite famous. You may see him play with his foot during the Zotac cup in 2017. It is pretty enjoyable to watch him play in such style. Anyway, watching professionals play helps significantly with your performance of the games you play.

I will come again with much more on successful Starcraft playing tips so that you can beat all those around you.

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