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Are you looking for something to listen to? A podcast, maybe? Look no further. Welcome to Night Vale is a quirky and wonderful fictional podcast about the equally quirky and wonderful town of Night Vale.

Night Vale is in the middle of the desert somewhere in America where every citizen has lived indefinitely. It’s where every conspiracy theory is true and where places of power are often managed by unseeable black shapes making weird noises. What’s normal to the citizens is highly unusual or creepy to the rest of us. All community events are reported by radio host, Cecil Palmer, the voice of Night Vale.

The podcast itself is updated twice each month and told with witty surreal humor, a little bit of horror, and an impossible take on reality.

Here are four reasons why you should listen to Welcome to Night Vale:


In some ways, this town in a lot like our own. Or at the very least, like a society, we can picture ourselves having. The government doesn’t tell you anything and runs from danger under the pretense they are doing something about the issue. They have the ability to spy on you at any time- in fact, it is expected. They tell their citizens that real things are nonexistent, like climate change, or in this case, mountains or 10-foot tall angels. There is also a mayor, a bowling alley, and an Arby’s just like every other town.


There is no town that has more diversity than Night Vale. The speaking character, Cecil Palmer, is gay; but, its how this series handles this which stands out. It doesn’t present Cecil and his partner, Carlos, as anything but normal and accepted from the onset. And in what other town but Night Vale could you find actual, real live angels? Or a faceless old woman who lives in your home? There is so much diversity that it is hard to mention every type of creature or person in Night Vale except for the fact you would not find a five-headed dragon in the streets of the average Salt Lake City.


There may be more than 100 episodes and enough happening in Night Vale to fill episodes with short stories of daily events but there is always a new overall plot weaving events together. Watch out for the tiny people under the bowling alley, the rival town Desert Bluffs, a man in a tan jacket, or reality and the world literally falling apart around you. These are just some of the perfectly reasonable things that the town to deal with yearly.


The podcast is filled with inexplicable sentences and comments that out of context, leave you wondering what is happening. Sometimes even if you do know what is happening, it leaves you thinking. The creation of the podcast has so many details of the character’s lives and the town that it’s hard not to picture it as an actual weird town in an abandoned desert. Everything seems real and believable in the world that was created, especially with the vocal acting for Cecil’s character.

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