New Tournaments at the City Creek Microsoft Store!

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If you’ve been paying attention to some of our videos and articles here at the Geekwave, you might have picked up that we’re big fans of Microsoft. This is because Microsoft, especially here in SLC, has done a lot for the local nerd, geek, and gamer cultures. The tournaments they throw are pretty awesome in particular, and there some brand-new events coming up at the City Creek Microsoft Store.

I was able to speak with a representative from the City Creek Center Microsoft store, Amy Absher, about two new tournaments getting their start this week! The first, is Xbox Fight Night, this Friday (Sept 1st), then a League of Legends Tournament the following day.

The Xbox Fight Night will include, as you may have assumed, fighting games! Primarily Injustice 2 as the main tournament game, but will include a whole host of other activities; including an arcade styled game center, with a multitude of other fighting games to try your hands at, and a challenge a pro competition which bids players against a skilled Microsoft Employee.

The League of Legends tournament is intended to be a meeting ground for both new and experienced players; you’re free to come test your mettle as a solo player or as an organized team. There a lot of details to the events, so here’s a quick tidbit from the Microsoft Store Events page! (see link here):

“Players will be playing on one of ten high powered ASUS ROG gaming laptops and compete in a single elimination bracket. Sign up individually or with a team to challenge local players for unique prizes. All players taking part in League of Legends ROG Arena tournaments at the Microsoft Store will gain access to League Unlocked*. earn an additional 25% IP and 50% XP at the end of matches (visible as a segment of the IP bar on the postgame screen), all champions and 110 skins will appear unlocked. Register today and take part in a unique competitive experience at the Microsoft Store!”– Microsoft City Creek Store Events Page.

Both tournaments are planned to be re occurring events; they’re still hammering out the Fight Night Schedule, but the League Tournaments appear to be every other week.

We here at the Geekwave are always excited to see local businesses doing events like this, it brings communities together and allows players of all skill levels to meet peers and hone their skills.

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