No-Shave November: Day 8

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It’s been 8 days since this beard started growing on my face. People have started giving me funny looks. I try to explain to them that it’s for a good cause. Some of them listen, others scurry off like they’re afraid they might catch it. My companions haven’t had it as bad. Even so, Connor couldn’t make it the whole month. Luckily we got Geoff Sutyak to take his place. We’ll pull through to the end of the month, because what we’re doing matters. Hopefully it makes a difference. This is No-Shave November.




Jarom No-Shave Day 8


Geoff No-Shave Day 8

Lee No-Shave Day 8



We’re only at 2% of our goal. Please, you can make a small difference in the lives of many people by contributing. If we can get all of our fans to donate $5 then we’ll more than exceed our goal.

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