FanX 2017 Photo Gallery

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FanX 2017 was so much fun!! Although Stan Lee did have to cancel his trip to SLC due to health reasons, the event was a great success. We had so much fan talking to cosplayers, vendors, artists, and basically anyone else who would listen to us geek out over everything. Every year we at The Geekwave are always so excited to attend events like these, however some people just can’t afford the tickets or find the time to use them. To remedy this unfortunate truth we have put together this photo gallery to showcase some of the best cosplay and inspiring geeks that we happened to have run into while walking around FanX. We hope you all enjoy taking a little time to soak in the talent, skill, and dedication shown below.

Photos by Malory Beverly and Lee Neuschwander

Wide Shots

Tall Shots

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