Protoss vs. Terran Build

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When you play Starcraft, there are certain builds that all good players stick to. The reason is the builds are like an equation to winning of the game. I can probably quote, “build equals win.” In this particular article I would like to discuss Protoss’ main build against Terran.

This build can cover/manage all the builds from Terran. This build is particularly built for Fighting Spirit map, although it works relatively well in other maps as well. As you mine the first four probes and continuously producing probes, build first pylon at population 8. You will have minerals of 100, which is the cost for pylon by population 8. When you build this pylon, it is good to build it toward the gate of the base from the Nexus. That way your units can get out of the gate and join the battle faster when you build gateways around the pylon that is situated towards the base’s gate.

Continue to produce probes. At population 10, build your first gateway; Population 11, build gas; population 13, build cybernetics core. You are following this build while you are constantly producing probes. The reason for population’s growth is probe’s production. At population 15, build another pylon. At population 16-17, upgrade singularity charge from Cybernetics Core and produce one dragoon from the gateway. Continue to produce probes.

At population 21, build another pylon and produce another dragoon. When the first dragoon comes out, Terran’s SCV should have already arrived at your base to scout you. Kill that SCV with the dragoon or have your dragoon scout the Terran’s base by pressing attack on the potential enemy’s base.

After you start to produce your third dragoon, you will send one of your probes to the second base. Your population will be at 28-29. Build your second Nexus, then build Robotics at 29 to produce observer. Then you will move on from there to dominate the game. It is very important to move your first observer to the enemy’s base and see what the enemy is up to. Then do your move accordingly.

When you see the enemy’s base with your first or second dragoon, sometimes Terran builds his or her second command center right away in his or her second base. In this case, you need to both pressure Terran in the beginning with lots of dragoons and get your third base as quickly and smoothly as possible.

After you have your third base, move onto the next build: Arbiter build. Build your second gas at the second base, then build Adun and Forge at the same time. When these buildings are built, upgrade zealots fast movement from Adun and weapon from Forge. Build templar archive and stargate, then arbiter tribunal for arbiter production. Upgrade both stasis field and recall to have your moves in the battle.

The important matter to keep in mind while you are following the builds is that you continue to produce probes from all Nexuses you have until your population reaches around 120-130. The number of gateways should be enough that your minerals and gas don’t pile up. Usually, after your third base, you build at least 10 gateways to produce as many units as possible.

Be careful with the Terran’s vulture’s attack for probes. They will be very active until the major battle to reduce the number of your probes. They will either run into your base or come in a dropship and attack behind your back.

You should continue expanding your bases to have 5+ Nexuses to have an incessant amount of minerals, gases, and units. Recall in enemy’s base or use stasis field on enemy’s units while in major battle. As I mentioned in other articles, Protoss’ advantage over Terran is that its units are faster, whereas Terran’s units are stronger, but slow. So use this fact to your advantage. For example, when Terran tries to attack one of your bases, go around Terran’s units and try to attack one of Terran’s bases. Try to take all the advantage you can take in every battle, then the win will be for your side.

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