FanX: Rise of the Furry.

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This previous FanX was a very interesting experience for us all; from meeting Jess Harnell, to getting Weird Al Yankovic to record a liner. But something that stuck with me about this convention is the rise of the Furry Fandom in Utah. This year’s FanX had more furries at a Salt Lake Comic Con related event than I have ever seen before, and it leads me to think that the fandom in Utah is growing.

Utah’s history with the fandom has had many groups that start and split, but with an upcoming furry convention in Utah (Anthro Weekend Utah, October 27-28), it is becoming obvious that Utah’s fandom has finally arrived. Seeing the massive amount of fursuiters at this convention shows me that everyone is getting in on it; even I am! I recently purchased a fursuit and have another being made now. It certainly feels like the timing is right.

Comic Con’s impact on geek culture in Utah has been extraordinary. With Fantasy Con, Salt Lake Gaming Con, Crystal Mountain Pony Con, and Anime Banzai, Utah’s geek culture is growing exponentially. Now with our state’s own furry convention, it is most definitely the rise of the furry.

Another thing I noticed at FanX this year was the increase in traditionally furry artists tabling in the Artist’s Alley. I spoke to FoxyPickles of Colorado about attending FanX, and she stated this was her first convention outside of the anime and furry circuit. I went ahead and commissioned her as well, wanting to give her business so that more artists like her can come to our conventions in Utah.

Picture by George Kounalis

FanX this year was the furry community in Utah coming into the public sphere. They’re here and they walk among us. They’ll just be another geek group walking amongst the Trekkies, Whovians, Browncoats, Otaku, Bronies, etc. “

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