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Greetings, geekverse! As most of you are aware, last weekend Salt Lake endured yet another Comic Con! Geeks from around the state (and quite a few from beyond) flocked to the convention center to take part in the geekiest event in Utah. We at the Geekwave were fortunate enough to attend, so here’s some highlights from some of us here on the team, including myself.


Chris Swensen 

I’ve been to every Salt Lake Comic Con so far, so this one ended up feeling quite a bit like most of the others. I do put most of the blame for that on me, however. There were quite a few panels that I heard were really good, but that I didn’t make because I was off somewhere talking to artists. While the con was exhausting, it still always manages to feel like home for me. It’s the one time a year (I know it’s technically twice a year, but “the two times a year” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it) where I have a chance to, for once, be completely surrounded by people who have the same interests and passions that I do. Gamers? Check. Readers? Check. Wrestling enthusiasts? I don’t actually fit into that camp, but check! I always love how it’s perfectly acceptable to jump into other people’s conversations about whatever obscure thing they’re talking about.

Another thing that always stands out is the eclectic variety of vendors and artists. You have the vendors that you’d expect—t-shirt stands, geeky jewelry, steampunk enthusiasts (steampunks? Steampunkers? Steampunkists?), indie game designers—but you also get people selling high-end leather kilts, Book of Mormon DVDs, and other vendors you wouldn’t at all expect to see there. There’s just so many cool people at the convention, and that’s one part of comic con that I’m glad will never change.


Kyler “DecreeB” Alvey

My favorite part about Comic Con was the panels! The best one was probably Michael Rooker’s, because at one point he actually called Chris Pratt and put him on speaker during his panel! It was wild!

The cosplayer’s were amazing this year! There was one guy who build a giant alien suit that must’ve been 9 feet tall and 5 feet way or better that he was actually inside of! There was another guy who build his own Dalek from Doctor Who that was life-size and completely custom-made that was controlled via remote! It’s so amazing and inspiring to see what people are capable of creating!


Jarom “Solar” Norris

Overall I thought the con was pretty good. There was a nice variety of vendors that you could wander through for hours, and some nice familiar faces as well. Mark Hamill was amazing to see, the massive amount of people in Vivint Arena really added to the hype. He was very witty and entertaining to listen to, had great stories, and liked to work the crowd.

There were some disappointments. The gaming areas were small and so far out-of-the-way that they felt like a complete afterthought. The PopLife booth was a disappointment, but that wasn’t a big deal, because I found so much variety in the vinyls at all the other booths that I went home happy with what I’d found. One of the few panels I found time to go to was the Dungeons and Comedy panel, which was a complete disappointment. They spent the first 50 minutes of it doing silly stand-up acts and not even playing DnD. I don’t know how long they intended for that panel to go (I left after 50 minutes), but I would have much rather watched several hours of comedians playing DnD than one hour of stand up followed by one hour of DnD.

It wasn’t too crowded, there was plenty to do, there were geeks and cosplays and displays to see, and that’s really what you want from a convention.


Lee Neuschwander

This year’s Comic Con turned out to be one of the best that we’ve ever had in Salt Lake City. Between Mark Hamill and John Cena we had a great line up for celebrities. But what I really enjoyed the most out of my only day at the Con was the Cosplay. The celebrities, art, and other merchandise are always big draws to the Comic Con scene and the canvas painting of Samus that I bought is testament to that fact. Yet what, in my opinion, truly embodies the spirit of the Con are the Cosplay artists.

This year we had so many different cosplay artists coming in from around the country to join us for Comic Con. We even had the chance to talk to and interview a group of cosplayers who came all the way from Baltimore Maryland to attend our Comic Con even though they had one in Baltimore on the same week. If that doesn’t show you how great our Comic Con has become then nothing will convince you otherwise. Among some of the best cosplay at the con were the League of Legends group, Diablo III, and the Dark Souls cosplayers who went around the con playing “Take On Me” by A-Ha on a boom box.

All of which were very fun to talk to and even let me move them around so that I could get that perfect shot on camera. Honestly I was so surprised on how easy going everyone in cosplay was towards me. If I had started taking pictures anywhere else I could almost guarantee you that someone would have threatened me or told me to get lost. But, at Comic Con everyone is so accepting and kind to everyone that attends. Whether you are a veteran or a total noob to the Comic Con scene everyone can tell that at Cons like ours no one is treated poorly. It’s this, birds of a feather, bound that Comic Con seems to bring out in everyone that makes me so happy to be a part of the growing Geek community that we have here in Utah.

This year had so much Geek spirit all thanks to the wonderfully entertaining and creative people who went out of their way to make this Comic Con one the best I’ve ever been lucky enough to attend.

All in all, I’d say it was a highly successful comic con. Everything runs smoothly, the people there are extremely cool, and it remains one of the few places where geeks can be their geekiest with absolutely no shame. All of the convention-goers I talked to said that, despite the fact that comic con feels a bit commercialized and repetitive, they’re still glad they went.

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