Spoilers, Spoilers, Everywhere!

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In a culture that moves so quick nowadays with social media, it is just so hard to stay away from spoilers! A movie can come out on a Thursday and when you walk into class the following Monday everyone in the class is talking about what happened! The entire movie is spoiled, so what is even the point of watching it anymore? So when is it appropriate to talk about movies that just came out?

Well, that really depends, it seems! If the movie or TV show is out for years, I don’t believe you should have a problem. It has been out forever. If someone hasn’t seen it they usually try to stop you to tell you they haven’t seen it yet and wouldn’t like to hear spoilers. New movies, though, are a tough one! I know when people see a movie that they are so eager to talk about it! Sometimes people forget that a lot of people don’t have the opportunity to watch it right when it comes out.

I think if it’s a highly anticipated movie like The Last Jedi or the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, I think that it’s around the two week mark. I only say that because it’s such a popular movie and you don’t want to be the person who ruins that first viewing experience because you weren’t cautious about talking about spoilers.  If you really need to talk about the movie that just came out I would make sure to  ask if they have seen the movie yet, if so, you should be fine to talk with that individual, if they want to talk about it. If they haven’t seen it, respect that and tell them when they see it you can talk about it.  Don’t spoil the movie/tv show!  Don’t be that guy, no one likes that guy!

You’re probably asking well what about the internet? Well, the internet is its own kettle of fish. You have people on the net dissecting every behind the scene photo and whispers they hear off the street. Just so they can get a glimpse of what the new movie is going to be about.  You could be scrolling through your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and someone could post something and you might see that something which spoils the movie or a huge plot point.

There are a few ways to remedy that. The first way is to of course stay off the internet until you have seen the movie. Which sounds unrealistic in this day and age because we are so connected. It would probably get you to watch the TV show or movie faster because you miss the internet actually.  The second solution is to install a blocker on your browser. There are multiple blockers that will block certain key words and content so you don’t get spoiled. These blockers are not 100 percent fool-proof though. A warning that goes with blockers or any kind of software that you install is that you have the risk of putting viruses on your device.

So, in reality there is no real answer on what the specific time is to talk about spoilers. Just before you talk about it, ask if people have seen it so you don’t accidentally spoil something! Also be careful of the internet and spoilers! Good Luck!

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I am an avid cosplayer, I have cosplayed Captain Marvel, Black Canary and The 10th Doctor. I love everything Marvel, DC and Comic-Con.

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