Starcraft Hotkeys Tips for Protoss

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There are many hidden functions you can perform with keyboards that people do not really know about. These hidden functions can help you massively when playing Starcraft. Probably all players know the short cut keys such as “Z” for zealots, “D” for Dragoons, and “B + G” with a probe is for a gateway.  Also, they know that “ctrl + a number” is a unit designation or appointment. Yet, they do not know a massive function of “shift” and other functions like screen designation with “shift + F2-F4” and the space bar.

  • “Shift” functions importantly with Protoss species. It allows you to reserve your next move. For example, make a move with a unit towards 5 o’clock from 7 o’clock with a right mouse click and, while pressing shift, right click to 1 o’clock again. Then you will see that the unit will go to 5 o’clock and automatically move to 1 o’clock.
  • The previous shift function works when a probe is building structures as well. You can reserve your next move and make it move by itself using shift. After you order your probe to build pylon, you may press shift still and make a right click to another area. Then the probe will automatically move to that area after building that pylon.
  • Shift can also leave units out from the troop. For example, you drag 10 units. Then those ten units will appear at the bottom of your screen with 10 squares. If you wanted to regroup with the ones of your choice, you may leave out other units by left clicking those units while pressing shift.
  • There will be times when one or few of your probes are not mining at your base and you want them to go to work, but they are very close by other probes that are mining. In that case, you do not have a lot of time to select them individually and make them work. Also, if you drag all of them, you will also drag other probes that are working. Then all the probes you dragged will go to the same mineral to mine. However, if you drag both unemployed and employed probes, and order them to mine minerals while pressing shift, only the unemployed probes will go to work. You may save a lot of time using this method.

Other than the above four, there are more keyboard functions. Shift + F2, F3, or F4 allows you to designate your screen of choice. People usually screen designate their second base as F3 and their third base as F4. The first base screen is always automatically designated as F2. These screen designations will help you to move your probes quickly from one base to the other. The designations also allow faster probe mining.

Another keyboard tip is that with the Remastered Starcraft, you can select short keys of your choice when you go to the hotkeys tab at the beginning screen of Starcraft.

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