The Adventures of Marrrv the Wizard: My Experience with Organized D&D

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At Salt Lake Comic Con this last weekend I had the pleasure of playing organized Dungeons & Dragons for the first time. That’s right, I’m now a member of the Adventurers League! It was an incredible experience—the first I’d had with experienced players in years.

I started, of course, with character creation. As a seasoned Dungeon Master I’ve assisted (when I say “assisted,” I really mean “created and explained what all of the numbers mean”) in the creation of dozens of D&D characters over the years, so quickly rolling up a wizard was no problem.

Meet Marrrv, the mountain dwarf wizard and folk hero! Born into a humble family of miners, Marrrv led a fairly normal life until he stumbled onto a magical tome dropped by a hapless adventurer. Marrrv used his newfound wizarding skills to save his town from a rampaging cave troll, and then went off into the world for a life of adventure!

Joining Marrrv in this adventure were two rogues, two fighters, and a fellow wizard bro. While on a merry jaunt through the countryside, we noticed a cloud descending toward us with a tower wearing a wizard hat built on top (yes, you read that correctly). Some stairs materialized down to us, and, like one does in a situation like this, we went them. Now, Marrrv has trouble with stairs (he can run for miles on end, but if you expect him to climb some stairs he’ll be out of breath by the tenth step. Different muscle groups and so forth), so he was almost too winded to notice that a freaking cloud giant was waiting for them on top. After some mumbo-jumbo about a giant war, destiny, and going north to bring peace to the Ordening or somesuch, we were escorted into the giant’s tower.

It was a cheery place, with normal person-sized furniture and lots of natural light. The giant told us not to go upstairs, so, naturally, we went upstairs. Our new friend/captive/cabby was a heavy sleeper, so we were able to poke around even though one of the fighters kept rolling outrageously low on his stealth rolls. There was nothing out of the ordinary, just a bed, a dresser, a legendary magical staff, and a high-level spellbook. The rogues began lifting gems from the giant’s bedecked comb, so Marrrv went back downstairs because, no matter what his brother Taric always used to say, he didn’t think that gems were that truly outrageous.

Marrrv’s wizard bro decided that he wanted to copy down some of the giant’s spells, which Marrrv didn’t think to do because he’s an idiot. Thankfully, wizard bro was willing to share his work. Marrrv taught him Charm Person in return.

After a few days on the sky road we got some visitors! Some Elemental Air cultists decided that our giant friend would be useful in helping them destroy the world, so they came to call on him. The giant was pretty noncommittal, but our murder-happy rogue decided that we should kill our guests. Marrrv knows better than to murder visitors (looking at you, Walder Frey!), so he used his wizarding skills to charm their leader. They became instant friends, and got into a meaningful conversation about human sacrifice and the finer points of bringing elemental chaos into the world to consume all that we’ve ever known or loved. When Marrrv was just about to see them out the door, his murder-hobo rogue friend sent an arrow through the guy’s head! Rest in peace, magically coerced friend.

So we rolled for initiative, zapped some fools, and started to clean up the mess. We found some pretty dank loot—a pouch of pixie dust and an unidentifiable leather sack! Good wizards are inquisitive, so Marrrv opened the sack. That may have been a bad idea; out from the bag came an invisible stalker, an adversary that’s way out of Marrrv’s level range. Long story short, some people almost died a couple of times before our giant friend shooed our mortal foe off of the cloud.

And that’s where we ended! Marrrv went in one adventure from level one to level four, and is thinking he’ll go into enchantment. All in all, it was an excellent experience! It was the first time I’d played in years (not counting dungeon mastering), and I’d forgotten how nice it is to just be one character. I’d definitely do it again, and recommend that you all try it!


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