The Return of a Titan! Blizzard’s StarCraft: Brood War is free!

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That’s rights, one of the most important games in gaming history, one of the games that started the MOBA genre, one of the first popular real-time strategies games, StarCraft: Brood War, is completely free. No catch, no sketchy site, no backdoor downloads, right from the source, Blizzard. And it includes the original Brood War expansion to, just because.

Why would blizzard give away one of their most popular and titular titles for free? Well, it is likely that StarCraft: Brood War hasn’t sold many copies in the last two decades, and Blizzard doesn’t need a reason to be awesome. But, this specific freebie is promotional for Blizzard’s upcoming remaster of StarCraft: Brood War, set to release sometime this summer. So, it’s a win-win all around; we get a sweet free game, and it is easily one of the best advertising schemes Blizzard has come up with.

You can get the game here:

As well, Blizzard in their infinite generosity has also given us some “quality of life updates” too! To give a brief summary, Blizzard has: created compatibility patches for all current Windows systems, improved reaction time in the interface, and they added a menagerie of online benefits like capture options and improved anti-cheat.


Since this came out, I won’t lie, I’ve been playing the hell out of it. Not only is it an important staple in gaming history, but it is still fun even by today’s standards. The graphics while dated threw me back into nostalgia land and give off that classic Blizzard charm. Simultaneously, I did feel the game’s age on the UI and controls; nothing terrible just frustrating. But the game is nearly 20 years old, so it gets a pass.

While reading online blogs about the free release, I wondered, is it worth the download or should we just wait for the remaster? This question kept popping up all over the place, so I thought I’d give my take on the issue here.

Yes. Of course. It’s free.

Overall, there is no reason not to grab it; unless you already have a copy. Regardless of your position on the remastered edition, playing this game is a blast. Be it nostalgia, education, or even a first step into the genre, this game is a must grab.

I can’t deny this was a great idea on Blizzard’s part; in what feels like the time of PR disasters, Blizzard casually takes the time to show us how building a great relationship with their player base is done.

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