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Crimson Gaming

Formerly TESPA at the UofU

Meetings: Every Friday at 5pm in Union 323

Crimson Gaming represents the united gaming community on campus and serves as the face for over 15 student groups that specialize in anything from the League of Legends community, Hearthstone, and tabletop gaming.

Anime Club at the U

Meetings: Every Friday 1pm-3pm in Union 319

A club to bring together like minded individuals to participate in anime related activities and games.

The Crimson Gamers’ Society

Meetings: Every Friday at 5pm in Union 323

CGS is the home for gamers of all types. Whether you just want to come in and see what pick-up games we have to offer or you want to bring your new favorite, come meet with us to play games with other gamers!

The Hearthstone Student Association

Meetings: Every Friday 5pm-7pm in WEB L130

Looking for the scent of the tavern and a cocky opponent across your table? Join us for Casual Play, Discussions, Team Practice, a break down of the Deck of the week, and many other things!

Great Move Game Society

Meetings: Every Friday at 2-6pm in Union 323

We are a group dedicated to socializing over board and card games and helping game designers to develop and play test their creations.

The League of Legends Student Association

Meetings: Every Friday 3pm in Marriott Library 1160

One of the oldest and largest eSports groups on Campus, LoLSA welcomes Summoners of all levels to come, learn, play, and compete. Can’t make it to the meetings? Join our in-game chat room “LeagueOfUtes” to find other players!