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Geek This Week: March 3 – March 9

  It's been another week and a whole new slew of geeky information to satiate our appetites. On this weeks episode we cover the following: New season of Rainbow Six Siege. The announcement of Pokemon Generation 8 and the Galar region. Baptiste, the new champion in Overwatch. Announcement of the Xbox One...

Geeks Review – Braveland Trilogy

  Braveland Trilogy, as one might guess from the game’s title, is actually a trio of games from developer studio Tortuga Team. Though originally released separately between 2014 and 2015 it is now possible to play the games all in one place. With three separate stories to follow, Braveland Trilogy allows you to take the...

Geeks Play – Guild of Dungeoneering

This week on Geeks Play we delve into our own little dungeon and take on some of the foulest creatures known to mankind, and its all in the name of adventure and progress. Let us know if you like the game and we will be sure to play some more! Be sure to check out...

Kiwii Reviews: Roller Coaster Tycoon Adventures

When I first heard of a Roller Coaster Tycoon game coming to the Nintendo Switch, I was beyond excited yet skeptical, I didn’t know how they were going to pull off such a complex game on platform other than PC. Well, Nvizzio and Atari did an great job creating Roller Coaster Tycoon Adventures. In this…

Geeks Play – Celeste

This week on Geeks Play we have a go at Celeste. As it won Indie game of the year at the game awards 2018 we could hardly call ourselves geeks if we didn’t give it a go. Max and Xavier put their skills – and their patience – to the test in this beautiful little…

Things Get Dark – Shadow of the Tomb Raider Part 3

In this Geeks Play series we join Lara Croft in her latest adventure as she journeys through the jungles of Peru in an attempt to stop the Mayan apocalypse from destroying the world. In this episode things get rather dark as we go back in time a ways and see a little bit of Lara…

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