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Salt Lake City FanX Comic Convention April 2019 – Worth Coming?

A Closer Look At This Spring’s FanX Comic Convention When you think of comic conventions you likely instantly think of some place in California, and rightfully so as many of the largest conventions in the US are held in the state. What you may not know, however, is that Salt Lake City, Utah, has a…

Geeks Play – Deck of Ashes

Deck of Ashes This week we play Deck of Ashes, a newly released deck building game by AYGames. Fans of deck building games are likely to have a great time in this dark fantasy take on the genre. Be sure to check out all the other geeky content on our channel or visit for…

Geek Out – Making Cup Noodles Better

Making Cup Noodles Better Thanks to a suggestion from our stream it seems there is a decent portion of the population out there that don’t think cup noodles are good enough as is. So, we took it upon ourselves to try a slew of different ingredients to see which, if any, would actually make cup…

Geeks Play – Baba is You

Geeks Play Baba Is You In this week’s geeks play we take a look at the indie game Baba is You, a game created during a game jam and released only a month ago. A super simple game, but it just goes to show just what you can do with a game when you think…

WTWAWTATW – March 2019

WTW March 2019 Hello all you geeks, since it is now April we want to talk about the things in March that made us geek out. This month we talk about the following: – American Gods Season 2 – Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Announcement – New One Punch Man Trailer (and Ensuing Controversy) –…

Celestial Resort B Side – Geeks Play Celeste Part 3

Celeste Part 3 Somehow we are still going in Celeste. Prepare to watch us fail over and over again and somehow not give up a ton sooner than we really should have. Be sure to check out all the other geeky content on our channel or visit for even more geeky goodness! Let us…

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