Assemble: Episode 04-Black Panther and Infinity War Speculations

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Today, we will finish up our discussion of phase three with Black Panther and talk about our expectations for Infinity War.  With only one week left until the premier of Infinity War, we are anxious to see how this is going to change the MCU. For better or for worse, big things are coming.

Black Panther was a box office hit. In fact, it is still breaking records and smashing Hollywood status quo in the theaters today. We speculate that Wakanda will play a huge role in what is coming.

Infinity War Premiers April 27

Everything that we have seen on screen so far, from Iron Man’s humble beginnings to infinity stones, has led up to this film. Phase by phase and year by year, Marvel Studios has built the MCU to prepare us and our favorite heroes for their biggest challenge yet. Infinity War has already broken records, outselling the last seven Marvel films combined in pre-sales. Don’t miss out, get your tickets now!

Join us next week for the final episode of Assemble. We will be reviewing Infinity War and discussing where we think the MCU will go next.

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