Assemble: Infinity War Review

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On this episode of Assemble, we will review Infinity War and give our thoughts on the film and its events. SPOILER ALERT! In the first segment we will review the movie spoiler free, but after a fair warning, it’s all spoilers from there.

After ten years of careful planning and world-building by Marvel, Infinity War has finally hit the theaters! We have gone through all of the MCU with you and talked about our expectations for this event, but nothing could have prepared us for what happened in Infinity War. Thanos, a titan and self proclaimed savior of the Universe is on a quest to find all six infinity stones. With this power harnessed by the infinity gauntlet, he can take out half the universe’s life with the snap of his fingers. Will he be successful, or will the Avengers be able to stop him?

Don’t miss out on Infinity War

Infinity War is in theaters now, and people have already started talking about it. Make sure to see it before spoilers creep up on you! And make sure to stay for the end credit scene, you won’t regret it!

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After a long wait, the hype, beautiful cinematography, famous cast and constant entertainment while watching Infinity War made it a hit. It is definitely one that will need to be watched over and over to catch everything the movie has to offer.

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