Episode 49: Harpies’ Bachelor Party

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No Wonder Your Grandma Hates Dungeons and Dragons

This week’s episode of The Geekwave includes Lee’s 741 chainsaw kills, Kimmy’s fight with DnD sex slavery, great names for tumblr blogs, shoutouts to our new married friends Emily and Justin (who didn’t marry each other, just to clarify), three of the best movies coming out this year, and the SAG-AFTRA union strike. We also have a surprise visit from Xavier’s hat.

We’re going to be at Anime Banzai this weekend! We have two panels that we’re doing, including a live recording of the podcast. More details on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/geekwave

You can check out our audio podcast feed at thegeekwave.com/feed/podcast.

This episode stars Jarom “Solar” Norris, Logan “Ollie” Erickson, Kimmy Workman, and Lee Neuschwander. It was filmed by Daisy Gonzalez and edited by Solar.

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