Episode 53: Rapicorns and Rainbows!

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This week on The Geekwave Podcast: The Majesty of the Rapicorns. It’s half velociraptor, half unicorn! But not the Evil Unicorns that killed Solar’s friends.

Don’t forget about No-Shave November! It’s half way through the month and we haven’t reached our first goal yet. We hope that will change in the next couple of weeks! As we reach each of our goals we will be:

  • Giving away steam keys to our donors, *queue Logan’s awful steamy pun*.
  • A Commissioned Art piece.
  • For our fourth goal we are working on renting out a theater for a screening of Rogue One.
  • If we reach our final goal, the participants will be waxing their facial hair.

We hope to reach all of our goals and have some fun times with all these giveaways and events! To support this cause click here. Don’t forget every bit helps!

Make sure you make it to Crimson LAN this Saturday! Crimson LAN is run by the Crimson Gaming, also known as TESPA if you’re behind the times. There will be eSports tournaments to watch and fun to be had! Learn more about this even on it’s Facebook event page here!

Last but not least, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them releases today, and there’s some exciting news for Hearthstone fans that Jarom and Lee are all over.

With those last few tidbits we leave you till next week!

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