Episode 54: All The Puns!!

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Hey Everyone! This week’s episode of The Geekwave features a lot of puns. We will be in Sandy at Mystic Games tomorrow, playing board games and making Facebook videos.  Lee and Jarom have a beard off, things get awkward when Lee asks Logan to “frame” or stroke his beard. This brings us to an update on No-Shave November the beards are looking great, but our donations are running low so feel the charitable spirit of the holidays and donate to those that need it! Neck Beards and Brown Roots. Jarom shares his opinion of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. We talk about how cool adult magic looks! Logan asks us what really is the difference between a super hero and a wizard? Jarom answered with “What if stopping time stopped you, and then you couldn’t restart time?” It was funny. We come back to that topic with more discussion about time travel. Come to find out Jarom believes it isn’t possible. Lee begs you not to forget about Final Fantasy Fifteen. To round off the episode we reach into the dregs of humor for our last pun and jokes. You have to watch to see just how bad they really are!

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I am an EAE Film Major at University of Utah. I have a passion for music and all sorts of geeky things. I spend too much time with my nose stuck in a book, and my friends envy the amount of face time my computer gets every day. I am the Producer of The Geekwave, and I absolutely love working with all of our video content creators everyday.

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