Geekwave Episode 77: Geeky Franchises!

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Hey Everyone! On this episode of The Geekwave, Xavier, Chris, Allie, and Kimmy are in studio. They talk about their favorite geeky franchises but, first they define what a franchise actually is. The Geekwave’s definition of franchise: A brand of art that explores different mediums, not a singular product. With their definition at hand, our hosts talk about their favorite franchises. Xavier loves Star Wars, Kimmy adores Halo, Allie belongs in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, and Chris will never abandon Lord of The Rings.

Xavier points out that, although they may not be our favorite franchises. Brands like Marvel have given birth to some of our favorite characters and icons. Is favorite character in your favorite franchise, or are they two separate things? Let us know what you think!

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I am an EAE Film Major at University of Utah. I have a passion for music and all sorts of geeky things. I spend too much time with my nose stuck in a book, and my friends envy the amount of face time my computer gets every day. I am the Producer of The Geekwave, and I absolutely love working with all of our video content creators everyday.

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