Episode 47: To Hype or not to Hype

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We’re back again and Lee starts off with his attempt at impersonating Logan while Kimmy gets really loud. The first stop is Chris’s review on the movie Suicide Squad followed by No Man’s Sky. Both movie and game have been riding a large hype train for the past few months, but do they deliver?

From movieweb.com

From movieweb.com

We talk about the new Joker and how it compares with the long line of Jokers. We talk about origin stories and then discuss the Killing Joke animated movie. After mentioning Mark Hamill’s time as the voice for the Joker we touch a little bit on Comic Con before getting into No Man’s Sky.

From www.ign.com

From www.ign.com

Chris starts off with how salty Xbox players have gotten with the release of so many interesting games coming out only for PS4. Kimmy and Lee go in depth explaining the games’ design and pondering where “Space Minecraft” might be heading. With the day one patch clearing the slate for the real deal the big question now is how long will the game last.

Chris and Lee end the show with a cheer for Ryan Reynolds feat of showing up at the showing of Suicide Squad as Deadpool. Until next time Geekout everyone!

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