The Geekwave Episode 93: A New EAE Degree!

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Hello Everyone! Welcome back! We here at The Geekwave hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. On this week’s episode we have a special guest from The University of Utah’s Entertainment Arts and Engineering Program, Corrinne Lewis. For those of you who are interested in this new development but still have some questions, we have your answers! Join Kyler, Lee, and Brogan as we talk about this new degree with Corrinne. We cover questions you may have coming into the new degree, including how is it different from the two original tracks, what the degree offers, who the degree is designed for, what classes and requirements will transfer over and more. Check out the official details (link here) or get yourself a copy of the full details by visiting Building 72 in campus!


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I am an EAE Film Major at University of Utah. I have a passion for music and all sorts of geeky things. I spend too much time with my nose stuck in a book, and my friends envy the amount of face time my computer gets every day. I am the Producer of The Geekwave, and I absolutely love working with all of our video content creators everyday.

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