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The movie Ferdinand is based on the beloved children’s novel named “The Story of Ferdinand” by Munro Leaf. While the film is based on the book, they put in more characters and added elements to the story.

Ferdinand is a computer-animated film starring John Cena as Ferdinand. The film is about the bull Ferdinand who doesn’t believe in bullfighting and likes the simpler and peaceful things in life like flowers. The film is set in Spain where bull-fighting is a big deal.  In all honesty, going into this film I thought it was going to be a disaster. John Cena the professional wrestler is going to be acting as a sensitive bull? No way.

In the end, I was pleasantly surprised how good this film was. This film had quite a bit of heart and actually made me tear up a few times. Although I admit, I wasn’t expecting to tear up because it’s a kids film.  John Cena as a sensitive bull actually worked! Who knew? Not this reviewer. This film includes the voice acting of David Tennant, Peyton Manning,  Gina Rodriguez,  and Gabriel Iglesias and that’s just to name a few famous names.  Ferdinand is one of those films where you watch it and think “I’ve heard this voice before but where have I heard them from?!”

Ferdinand is from Blue Sky Studios the company that made Ice Age; this being said, the computer-animated styled used by Blue Sky made the film have a similar feel to Ice Age.  Ferdinand is for adults and kids. There are puns and jokes, and action for the kids. There are some darker elements to the film that only the adults would understand.  The writing for this film has humor, heart, sadness, and triumph. The film mainly taught the lesson of being yourself and don’t try and fit into the mold.

I don’t think anyone really knew about Ferdinand. It didn’t receive a lot of press with coming out around the same time that Disney’s Coco came out.  I only saw one trailer for the film, which is saying a lot about the press on this film. I underestimated the film of Ferdinand, I am glad I watched it.  If you have time, you should follow the journey of Ferdinand the sensitive bull who just wants to be himself.

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Ferdinand is an animated film with heart, humor and so many puns. There might be some jokes thrown in about the voice actors too. Ferdinand was underestimated and overlooked when it came out, which was a shame because overall the film was good.

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