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With all the big films that opened this last month, I honestly didn’t know about Game Night. It seemed like it didn’t get a whole lot of publicity so I decided to go and see what the film was about.

Game Night is a rated R comedy that is written by the same people who wrote Horrible Bosses. The film stars Jason Bateman, Rachel Mcadams, Lamorne Morris, Kylie Bunbury and so many more actors and actresses. It’s one of those films where you see an actor or actress and think “I know them from somewhere, but where?” The story is everyone thinks that this is a typical game night with solving a mystery but it’s not fake it turns out that it real. This film has humor, violence, shenanigans, it also has a playful tone throughout the film.

The thing that really sold the film was the interaction and chemistry between the actors. They really made me believe that they have been friends forever and have been meeting up for game nights all this time. There were two actors that really stole this movie and they were; Billy Magnussen who played the dumb friend and Jesse Plemons – who played the cop. Every time Magnussen and Plemons were on screen, you knew that you’d break out laughing. It was never a dull moment with those two characters.

Game Night is one of those films that I felt put a lot of the humorous in the trailer; which took away the humor because you already saw it. They gave away certain plot points in the trailer also.  Another downside is that Game Night doesn’t have a re-watch factor. I couldn’t watch this film again and laugh as much as I did or maybe at all.

Overall, the film is a fun film that takes your mind off things and gives you a chuckle.  The bad part about Game Night is that it lacks the re-watch factor and all the humor seems to be in the trailer.

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Game Night has a plethora of comedians and actors, but lacks the re-watch factor and seems that all the funny parts were in the trailer.

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