Injustice 2 Review: With Extra Edge!

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Do you like DC Comics? How about Mortal Kombat? Maybe even strikingly good game design juxtaposed to angsty superheroes? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you should take a look at Injustice 2 by NetherRealm Studios.

If you have never played Injustice: Gods Among Us allow me to summarize: it’s a Mortal Kombat styled fighting game taking place in an alternate DC universe were Superman went crazy and becomes a tyrant. IGAU, like it’s brand-new sequel, combine DC characters we all know and love with hardcore fast-paced combat in a fantastic display of pure superpowered glory.

Injustice 2 takes all the previous elements of IGAU and drastically improves upon them. The combat is smoother and has less rigidity in its combos. The character roster is more impressive; IGAU having 24 in its base game whereas Injustice 2 has over 30. The graphics are improved, which is used to show off some gorgeous in-game abilities and ultimate’s. The game devs completely overhauled the offline modes from IGAU, arguably its weakest point, and brought us an amazing new system.

The new system is called multiverse mode. This mode acts somewhat like an RPG. You pick a fighter and set them through a course of increasingly difficult challenges. Each challenge awards unique gear, stat boosts, and XP. Your fighter levels up and gets progressively stronger with new gear. Also, I LOVE the fact that the gear you get changes the appearance of your fighter; there is a lot of gear per character too, which leads to some great customization options. All these aesthetic changes also carry into online mode; the gear losses all its stat buffs for balancing, but your dudes retain their look. Overall, this new mode is amazing and adds a whole new dynamic to the game.

There are some issues alongside the many successes. For one, the story isn’t that good. It’s pretty much a rehash of the original game’s story; I won’t spoil anything but, suffice to say, “edge” doesn’t equal deep or original. As well, while they did improve the smoothness of the gameplay, it still feels clunky and rigid to me. This is more of a preference issue, but I hate the ultra-technical style that MK games a known for. I found myself dropping combos because I was just a smidgen out of place over and over again; while I may just need to get good at the game, there is a lack fluidity overall.

Most tutorials are designed to help new players get the hang of a character while helping experienced players hone the finer intricacies of their main. Injustice 2’s tutorial doesn’t do either. It gives you a bare bones explanation of what each button does and how each character roughly functions. No bread and butter combos, no in depth run down of how exactly your character works, none of it. This game expects you to play, and play, and play until you figure it out. Which some would argue is “hardcore”, I disagree. It’s just bad game design.

Overall, the game is good. If you enjoyed the first game, this one will not disappoint. But. If you’re new to fighters or even just MK fighters, beware, this game has one hell of a learning curve. These characters are complex and the game, as mentioned, doesn’t teach you much. A little bit of experience shows, and differences in skill are really clear. Regardless, I give this game a buy. The content and polish well outshine the issues and it’s well worth the $60.00 price tag.


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Injustice 2 takes all the previous elements of Injustice: Gods Among Us, and improves upon them. Superman and Batman are back in all their brooding glory.

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