Back From The Dead?! Has The Necromancer Revived Diablo 3?

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After months of teasing, pre-release updates, and lots of hype, Blizzard has finally graced us with The Necromancer! For $15.00 you can add him/her, as well as a new bank tab, a new (although extremely small) area, and some nice cosmetic items to your game. Up until now, Diablo fans have had to deal with small, free patches which have added new UI features, small map additions, new items, and some quality of life adjustments. While these additions are nice, they are hardly considered new content; instead only adjusting the quality of already existing content. This new addition to Diablo 3’s roster would be a much-needed revitalization of what could be considered a stagnant game.

I purchased the DLC the day of release, leveled my way up to 70 in about a day and a half (gotta love Hellfire Jewelry with XP bonus legendary gems!). Then I tried out every spec I could until writing this review. I’ve only been able to accumulate two endgame armor sets and I can easily say The Necromancer is my favorite class thus far.

I’m not going to go into specifics, mostly because I had a genuinely good time discovering his class and all its little intricacies on my own. But, to put it simply, he utilizes the bodies of dead enemies or bodies you place yourself via abilities, to adjust the battlefield to his liking; be it summoning an undead army, or hurling enough sanguineous magic to feel like a boss from Bloodborne. When writing this review, I wanted to relate him to some other in-game class, or a combination of classes, but ultimately I couldn’t. This is because he is genuinely unique. I will admit I’ve seen some comparisons to the Witch Doctor, but these are merely superficial. The only similarity is they both have a spec in which they summon loads of minions. Even so, they both do so differently and to different ends.

But the real question we as consumers must ask is, is the $15.00 price tag worth it? If you want my honest opinion, not really. Sadly, if you’re looking for this character to breathe a whole new life into the game, you will be disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, this new character is good. He’s fun, challenging (post game), aesthetically amazing, and a perfect addition to the already existing content. But, he is just another class. While I do love playing him, when I hit LV 70, the grind quickly became familiar. I will admit, it is pleasing to watch my human meat grinder turn an army of demons into a squishy red paste, but I don’t know if he’s worth $15.00.

So, for Diablo fans who just can’t get enough of the game, this may be just the thing for you, but I doubt you needed me to tell you that. Sadly for the rest of us, I don’t think the content quite matches the cost. I would have accepted $7.50 or even $10.00, and the additional content is laughable even at this price. If you’re still playing the game and enjoying it, get him, but, if the game is already on your shelf and you’ve played it to death, The Necromancer has no chance of reviving it.

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The Necromancer is fun, challenging (post game), aesthetically amazing, and a perfect addition to the already existing content. But, he is just another class and doesn't add enough content or new life to the game to justify the price tag.

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