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Truth or Dare is a PG-13 horror/thriller flick, about a game we have all played. The twist being that, if you don’t do either truth or dare, you die.  You might have seen the trailer about a thousand times if you were on Youtube the past few days, which became annoying at one point.  So, did the movie live up to the hype?

No, it didn’t. This film had a lot of problems. For one, the characters were very one dimensional. They seemed like cardboard cutouts the entire movie. The characters were so annoying I was wondering if this was on purpose or not. How can characters be so dumb?  The movie relied on a lot of tropes. I mean a lot. For example, the single-friend who is in love with her best friend’s significant other, college students getting black-out drunk, the womanizer, the drug dealer, and so many more. The acting was alright and that’s being nice. The chemistry between stars Tyler Posey and Violett Beane seemed forced and not natural. Posey had more chemistry with Hale than his supposed love interest in the film.  Lucy Hale seemed to not enjoy doing this film at all.

The writing was predictable and you could see what was going to happen next, which made me become bored halfway through. The film relied quite a bit on jump-scares and not blood. The writing also seemed to try to reach for a deeper conversation about topics like suicide, but seemed a bit exploitative in the process. Most of the dares were in the trailer, so it wasn’t all that much of surprise when they did happen.

I don’t want to trash this film completely. I know a lot of work goes into films. So here is one thing I thought was good. The foreshadowing in the beginning played off in the end which was good follow through. With a film coming from the producers of Get Out, I thought this film was going to be so much better!

Overall, Truth or Dare is a film that wasn’t very good. In this reviewer’s opinion, watch something else. It’s not worth it. The writing is flat, the actors don’t seem to be having a good time, and it’s not all that scary. Go watch Quiet Place instead.

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Truth or Dare is a bad horror/thriller film, where you just start to wonder how this made by the producers of Get Out? The characters are flat, the actors don't seem to be having a good time, and the writing is cliché.

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