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Indie games are a gamble, folks. Sometimes, you can shill out five or 10 bucks and get a “Floor Is Jelly,” or an “Ultimate Chicken Horse.” And those times, you win. You payed almost no money for a fun, or at the very least, interesting experience. But when I purchased “What the Heck, Dude,” I got neither.

“What the Heck, Dude?,” developed by The_Kitty on steam, is not worth your money. It’s hard to talk about this game, because there is very little to talk about. There are a multitude of levels comprising different locations in which one would expect drunken brawls. Jails, country roads, house parties, and so on. Your objective is simply, to incite a drunken brawl by slugging an enemy NPC in the face. The NPCs are blob-ish, vaguely human figures which once hit, will follow you slowly and attempt to hit you back.

You can do exactly four things in this game: walk, jump, punch, and kick. Now some games can make simple controls fun and interesting by juxtaposing them to interesting events or a compelling story. This game does not. This game literally presents the same situation only with more and more enemies. (Oh, and one side note, the punch and kick mechanics do act differently in this game; one does more damage and one is a sweep, but, I don’t think there is a way to do both. The input is the same and the outcome seems to be random.) The environment is neither creative or well-polished. The game’s look is extremely simplistic with assets i’m sure are bought on online stores.

I personally don’t mind crappy indie titles. Some of these games are from game jams, or are pet projects. These games are respectable in concept and can even be creative or fun one offs. This game very well may be one of these examples. But. There is one big difference between this game and other indie titles. Gamejam games, pet projects, and low cost one offs, are usually free. This game is five dollars.

Charging money for a game makes a big statement in our current market. This means that you believe the game is worth playing, but, that it also is worth people’s hard earned money. This is an unspoken agreement between the publisher and the buyer. That said, there is nothing in this game that is worth a single cent. It’s not well polished, there is no creativity, the levels are basically carbon copies, there is no story, there aren’t even any laughs or attempts at humor. This game is lazy. So, I have no idea why the publisher thought it deserved a price tag.

Don’t buy this game. It’s not funny, it’s not interesting, it’s not worth your time. With that, there are literally free app games (Without ads!) that are way more fun than this game.

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The game is uninspired, boring, and poorly designed. Don't do it. Don't play it. Don't buy it.

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