What’s in the Water? Asymmetrical PvP! Depth Review.

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Ever wanted to be the shark from Jaws? Ever wanted to be a treasure hunter being viciously pursued by one of the greatest hunters mother nature has ever produced? If you answered yes to either, Depth, an asymmetrical PvP suspense/horror game may be for you.

Depth was published in 2014 by Digital Confectioners and was met with a strong, but small reception. The game is relatively straightforward if you’ve played asymmetrical PvP before; one team are humans and the other team is the monster. But, one major difference that immediately stood out to me was that, as the monster, you are not alone! No, in fact, you, as the shark, have a partner in hunting. And together you must push the “Boney Creatures” from your sanctuary.

While as the humans you must progress with a treasure gathering robot named S.T.E.V.E. (Submersible, Treasure, Extraction VEhicle.) Steve will progress throughout a series of checkpoints on any of the available twelve maps.

Each team has a system for customization of play; humans have varying guns and equipment which allows them to better survive the depths. The sharks, on the other hand, have perks which are unlocked by killing people or damaging Steve. This system while interesting is limited and, in my opinion, underutilized.

This is because the weapons on the human side have clear balancing issues; so much so that ¾ of the players on the human team, in every game, will use the exact same weapons and items. And for the sharks, even though each perk does have an impact on your play, and each shark has unique stats and a unique ability, your general strategy for each game will be the same; this then leads to a similar if not identical playstyle regardless of which shark you use. On top of this, certain sharks are clearly stronger than others.

Other than these minor balancing issues, the game’s design is strong. Both teams are equally equipped to deal with one another. Sharks will literally shred and enemy left alone for more than a few seconds; while at the same time, sharks are well sharks. This means bullets do to them what they do to pretty much everything else.

There is a steep learning curve for both teams. But, the gameplay is extremely fair and in the end, maximizes strategy and skill.

I like this game. Depth feels like a great time waster and a great example of asymmetrical PvP done right. The graphics and sound are good for what is essentially an indie production. The gameplay is fast, engaging, and heart pounding. I do feel like this game could get old fast, due to its small scale. But for its price, $20.00 on Steam, I would recommend a buy. It would make a great party game or something to play online with a small group of friends.

4.4 Great
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This action packed asymmetrical action/horror game is incredibly fun and addictive.

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