Battle for the Boxes – Harry Potter and Skyrim Helm

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BftB: Harry Potter Shirt/ Skyrim Dragonborn Helm

It has been a while wince we did one of these, but with the recent release of our mega unboxing video we are back to do a battle for at least a few of the most sought after items in the repertoire.

First off was the battle for the Harry Potter shirt from our July boxes where Kimmy and Michelle go head to head. Then was the battle for the Skyrim Dragonborn helmet replica, where a lot more stakes were at the table.

Who will be victorious and claim their prize? Only one way to find out. Be sure to like the video and share it to help us reach the largest audience we can. Thanks for all your support and, as always, stay geeky out there!

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Utah born and raised. Essentially an artist in some form or another since birth , though it has taken many forms over the years. Always maintained a passion for gaming which has led to the pursuit of a degree in media arts. Currently the acting Video Producer for The Geekwave.

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