Geek This Week: Stan Lee Hospitalized, Borderlands 3?, Boring Flamethrowers, and More!

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On this episode of Geek This Week, we talk about Stan Lee’s hospitalization and recovery, the delay of Red Dead Redemption 2 AGAIN, the potential announcement for Borderlands 3, how a fitness tracking app leaked secret military base locations, the epic new Boring Company Flamethrowers from Elon Musk, a giant drop in Bitcoin prices, YouTube playing crypto-mining ads, Epic Games shutting down their MOBA Paragon, what game dev companies Microsoft may purchase, EA bringing back Microtransactions for Battlefront 2, a possible trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Movie today, and how Google and Facebook track everything you do online!

Bonus Content

Apple is planning on releasing at least 3 more Macs that’ll incorporate their own custom chips. Apple has been using their own processors in their phones and tablets more and more over the years, and have begun using smaller chips to handle specific functions on their Macs. Now, according to Bloomberg, they plan to release 3 more Macs by the end of the year. It’s unclear exactly what these chips will be responsible for in the new Macs, but the more they integrate their own chips into the products, the more integrated Apple can make their computers and the less they will need to rely on other companies to make technological advancements.

A new app with a deep learning algorithm is being used by the internet to put Nicolas Cage into any movie they want. It’s called FakeApp, and memers across the web have already put him in Indiana Jones, Superman, and Terminator. You can check out and download the app from this link.

Also this week, the Global Game Jam started on Friday of last week. The jam was themed “Transmission” and ended on Sunday the 28th. If you haven’t checked out any of the games from this jam, make sure to check some out! It’s amazing to see what developers can do in such a short amount of time, and it could provide any aspiring developers with some inspiration for their own work. Here at the U, we saw a nice turnout of students dedicated to making their Game Jam games great. If you’re at all interested in game design, we highly recommend checking out a jam near you. I guarantee you’ll learn a lot and have fun doing it!

We all know that Nintendo has had some impressive commercial success after the release of the Switch, but the extent to which their success reaches is amazing. In the last 9 months, the Nintendo Switch has sold 14.86 million consoles, which is more than a million more than the Wii U sold in 5 years! They’ve also sold over 9 million copies of Super Mario Odyssey since October, and more than 7 million copies of Super Mario 8 Deluxe. The biggest release for their last mobile console, the 3DS, was Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, which was still about 7 million copies combined! That’s a huge difference, and definitely impressive.

The success the Switch has had is well earned, so the next topic shouldn’t come off as much of a shock. Nintendo’s president, Tatsumi Kimishima, announced that he intends to continue support for the Switch longer than the usual console lifespan. Over the last few decades, Nintendo’s consoles have had support around 5-6 years, but they expect the Switch’s lifespan could be as high as 10 years. With how well the Switch has sold, we’re not surprised to see Nintendo wants to hold onto it as long as they can.

Next, Neil Patrick Harris let it slip that the Netflix original A Series of Unfortunate Events will be ending after Season 3. The show, which follows the storyline of the 13 books series written by Daniel Handler, is set to release Season 2 in March. The first season of the show, starring Neil Patrick Harris and Patrick Warburton, among others, covered the first four books, and Season 2 is going to cover books 5-9. That means the final season will wrap up with books 10-13. While we hate to see the series end, we still have a couple more years of content before the finale.

The New South Wales government held a competition to name their new ferry. The winning name was Ferry McFerryface, named after the UK’s Boaty McBoatface which was voted on last year. However, it has now been revealed that the transport minister, Andrew Constance, chose the name himself despite underwhelming votes. The name Ferry McFerryface only received 182 votes, while the real winner received over 2,000 votes. The minister defended his decision, saying it was only temporary, but we still think the name was a good choice.

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