GtW: Black Panther, Remote Control Rocket League, Dyson EV’s, and much more!

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This week we talk about Black Panther, The Incredibles 2, Dyson EV's, a potential Spyro PS4 remake, and more!

This Week in Movies

Black Panther released Friday with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 97% fresh from critics and an audience score of 75%. The highly anticipated superhero flick also broke Fandango’s presale ticket record for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and sold $25.2 million in tickets for Thursday night alone. While reports aren’t in for the full weekend earnings, we hope to see this film continue to break records and set new trends for the industry.

At long last, we got to see a sneak peek for The Incredibles 2, set to release on June 15, 2018. The trailer gives us a nice look at the plot set for the movie. Spoiler Alert: the trailer shows us that society still doesn’t really approve of Superheroes, but at least the family finally gets to discover Jack-Jack’s amazing superpowers. Watch the trailer here for more!

This Week in Games

Hot Wheels is working on a real-life game of Rocket League! The company is currently working with Psyonix on making remote-control cars and an arena to bring rocket-powered soccer action to the toy aisle. Specifics are few, but the toys sound amazing. Unfortunately, they haven’t found a way to defy the laws of physics just yet, so don’t expect to launch your cars 500 feet in the air using jet boosters just yet.

Nintendo has released more information about their cardboard contraptions for the Switch. On Thursday, the company published new videos showcasing the Nintendo Labo and their Toy-Con contraptions. The videos showcase a variety of games available for Labo, such as a racing game that lets you draw your own tracks. They also show how easy it is to put the devices together. The more we see from Nintendo Labo, the more we want to try it out! Check out the video below!

Insiders are saying Spyro the Dragon is getting a PS4 remaster later this year. This could be due to the success of the Crash Bandicoot remake in 2017. Kotaku has sources that say Activision is working on remaking the first three Spyro games for PS4 that will release together as one game. They say the game will be announced in March, released Quarter 3 of 2018, and will feature new assets, animations, and a remastered soundtrack. The game will be exclusive to PS4 for one year, but will hopefully release to other consoles in 2019.

The Evil Within 2 has received a first-person update this week. The game, made by Bethesda,\ has had access to the feature on PC through console commands but was officially launched on all consoles on Wednesday. Bethesda says players can switch between third and first-person perspectives through the settings menu. If this game wasn’t scary enough before, it’s certainly scary enough now.

This Week in Technology

Dyson is planning a new line of electric cars. Yeah, Dyson the vacuum company. CEO James Dyson recently announced his intentions to create three electric vehicles estimated at a cost of about $2.8 billion. The cars may utilize lightweight materials like carbon fiber and solid-state batteries to get the most from each charge. Dyson hopes to see the first of these vehicles roll out around 2020-2021.

FCC chairman Ajit Pai is currently under investigation for potential corruption for dismantling multiple FCC regulations. Sinclair Broadcasting recently announced a $3.9 billion deal to acquire Tribune Media to gain control of 200+ local stations. This would have been impossible before Ajit Pai dismantled certain regulations. The Inspector General, who is nonpartisan, has officially opened an investigation into Ajit Pai after these events. We don’t know how deep this investigation will go, but we hope any corruption is exposed and removed.

A new pair of smart glasses is allowing the legally blind to see again! The company, eSight, works with visually impaired individuals to design the glasses, and are making headway. Unfortunately, the glasses only work for people with a strong visual impairment who can see up close, but not for those who have no vision. However, the glasses give these people the equivalent of 20/20 vision. They even have a zooming feature, which means they can actually see better than the average person.

This Week in Science

A picture of a single atom has won a science photo contest. The photo is titled “Single Atom in an Ion Trap” and was shot by David Nadlinger of the University of Oxford. In the picture, there is a small bright dot in between two metal objects. That is a single strontium atom held in place by magnetic fields. The photo is absolutely gorgeous, and a true testament to how far science has come.

Picture of a single Atom by David Nadlinger

David Nadlinger – University of Oxford

A new study from Columbia University suggests that UV light might be able to fight the flu in public places. The study suggests that the use of certain UV lights can be used in supermarkets, hospitals, schools, and more to kill airborne flu particles. While other germicidal UV lights are dangerous to humans, this light is harmless but lethal to viruses like the flu. Whether or not this is the solution to stopping the spread of the illness is unknown.

This Week in Anime

A Sailor Moon live-action musical will be screened in some US theaters starting on March 10. The musical, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Musical-Le Mouvement Final, is PG and runs just over 2 hours long.You can check this website for more information and to find possible theaters near you.

Japan has begun the production of an anime TV series based on the Professor Layton series of puzzle games. The series follows Professor Layton’s daughter, Katrielle, as she investigates and solves a variety of mysteries. The first episode will air in Japan on April 8th. A sneak peek was released earlier this week. We don’t know if there are plans for an English release so keep an eye out for those dubs.

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