GtW: Supernova Caught on Camera, New Dark Souls Comic, New LoL Character, and more!

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This week, we talk about a new Assassin’s Creed Origins update and educational tool, the new Dark Souls: The Age of Fire comic series, Operation Chimera’s Outbreak event for Rainbox Six Siege, a new League of Legends character named Kai’sa, Black Panther smashing recordings in the box office, 2 kids dressed as 1 man to get into Black Panther, Mark Hamill getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Samsung’s record breaking 30TB SSD, an Indian space mission that’ll cost less than the movie Interstellar, how an astronomer in Argentina caught the initial explosion of a Supernova, and NASA’s twin study results.

Exclusive Bonus Content!

Nintendo released a new update for Super Mario Odyssey that adds a new minigame called Luigi’s Balloon World, and also adds three new outfits, and camera filters. In the minigame, you can choose to either hide balloons or search for balloons. It can only be accessed after finishing the main story. The update is free for all Odyssey owners and adds a little bit of variety for those getting bored of the base game.

Recently, Paramount Pictures dropped Transformers 6 from their upcoming titles for 2019, but the Bumblebee spin-off is still planned for release. However, according to Cinema Blend, the movie may have been canceled so they can reboot the entire series. This could be to make the series fit in with the “Hasbro Cinematic Universe”, with other upcoming movies for a GI Joe reboot and Dungeons & Dragons.

Sony released a teaser for Mobile World Congress early this week which hints that the company is ready to announce some new smartphones. The Sony Xperia twitter account tweeted this teaser video for the annual photo event, and are expected to unveil the next phone in the Xperia line at the event tomorrow, Monday the 26th. If you want to be the first to know what this new gadget will be, you can watch the live stream online.

A new study suggests that the regular use of household cleaning supplies can be just as bad as smoking 20-cigarettes per day for women, however, they don’t seem to negatively affect men. The study was done at the University of Bergen in Norway with 6,000 participants over the course of 20 years.  The study showed that women who were responsible for professional or household cleaning had a significant decrease in lung function over the years. However, this was not observed to be the same in male cleaners, but we don’t really know why. This is the first study to examine the impact of cleaning material in the long term, and the results are surprising.

Video Links

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Black Panther smashing records
2 kids dressed as 1 man go to Black Panther
Mark Hamill gets star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
Samsung’s 30TB SSD
Indian space mission that’ll cost less than Interstellar budget
Supernova accidentally caught on camera
Nasa’s Twin Study preliminary findings

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