GtW: Pokémon Go Quests, New Human Organ, GTX 11-Series, and more!

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This week, we talk about Pokémon Go’s big new update, No Man’s Sky upcoming update and Xbox One release, Black Panther’s newly broken records, Nickelodeon and Dan Schneider parting ways, Nvidia’s Geforce GTX 11-series announced, Starlink’s FCC approval, the new human organ “Interstitium”, a super-fast supernova, and Overwatch!

Check out our new series, “Assemble!”, which covers all the important events leading up to Infinity War in a short, fun way! You can see the first episode here.

Game Links:
Pokémon Go update + Mew
No Man’s Sky update + Xbox release

Movie Links:
Black Panther’s broken records
Dan Schneider leaving Nickelodeon

Tech Links:
Nvidia’s Geforce GTX 11-series
Starlink’s FCC approval

Science Links:
New organ Interstitium discovered
Super fast supernova

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