GtW: God of War reviews, Incredibles 2 Trailer, Alzheimer’s Damage Reversed, and much more!

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This week, we talk about the new God of War game, changes to PUBG's mechanics, a new malware troll, Apple's renewable energy, the new movie Rampage, a new Incredibles 2 trailer, a Rick and Morty D&D webcomic, an omniphobic coating that repels any liquid, a drug that can help stroke victims, and a new way to reverse Alzheimer's damage on brain cells.


This week in gaming, the new God of War game is set to release next Friday. The game has nearly perfect scores from all big review websites. Both IGN and Polygon gave it a perfect 10/10, while Metacritic has it sitting at 95%. Many fans were worried that the changes in setting, as well Kratos’ dramatic change in character, would diminish the game’s enjoyability, but apparently, it’s executed very well. You still have the same old fantastically brutal gameplay you love to look forward to.

In a new update, Bluehole Studios has changed a major gameplay mechanic in PUBG. Until now, the blue ‘ring of death’ that restricted the gameplay area would start off moving slowly, allowing players to find decent gear and get to a safe location before getting damaged. However, the new patch has the ring moving far more quickly at the start of the game in order to pick off players early on. As time goes on and players grow fewer, the ring will move slower, but also do more damage. So to all of the campers out there, you better start rethinking your strategy.



This week in tech, and on the topic of PUBG, a new malware infects hosts’ computer until they start up PUBG. While most malware encrypts and locks files in hopes of getting money out of the host, this PU Ransomware only requires that you start up and play PUBG for at least an hour. It is unclear at this point if the malware is being intentionally malicious or if it is simply meant as a troll. Regardless, this is just proof that some people have too much time on their hands.

As part of its commitment to fight climate change, Apple has officially announced that all of its facilities around the globe are 100% powered by clean energy. They have also managed to commit nine of their partnered manufacturing companies and 25 of their suppliers to follow suit. This is all in addition to the current renewable energy projects Apple is already working on such as wind/solar farms, rooftop solar systems, and new data centers that will run off clean energy from day one. Apple is certainly one of few companies leading the charge into complete renewable energy generation.


This week in movies, New Line Cinema’s film, Rampage, released on Friday to some very mixed reviews. The average viewer seemed to enjoy the film, but many critics are placing it at around 50%. While the film had an April 13th release date in most places, it was actually set to come out a week later (on April 20th) in China. However, on Wednesday, Dwayne Johnson, one of the main characters of the film, made a public announcement over social media that China would move the release date up to come out on the 13th with the rest of the world. This was most likely done to allow more time for people to go see the film before Avengers: Infinity War comes out in a few weeks.

Disney has officially released a new trailer for the highly anticipated sequel, Incredibles 2.  The trailer gives us a better look at the plot of the movie and is already hyping up fans around the world. In the trailer, Elastigirl is given the job of changing the way the world views superheroes while her husband stays home to watch the kids. The movie looks just as action-packed as we hoped; we all have high hopes for the movie. Incredibles 2 is set to release on June 15, so make sure to check back in two months to see what we think of the movie.

While many are still waiting anxiously for Season 4 of the hit TV show Rick and Morty, we now have information on a new addition to the series. Comic book writers Patrick Rothfuss and Jim Zub have announced that they will be working on a new comic book mini-series that follows the beloved duo in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. We don’t know much yet, aside from the fact that the series aims to be just as fantasy-driven as D&D and just as absurd as Rick and Morty, but that is good enough for us.


This week in science, a new omniphobic coating can repel basically all harmful liquids. We’ve already seen water-repellent coatings that bead up the water so it rolls right off, but this new formula can do much more. A material science researcher from the University of Michigan has announced a new clear and durable coating that can repel water, oil, alcohol, and even peanut butter. This new coating could be used in the future on smartphones, camera lenses, and could even help childproof homes. There is no word on when this product could hit the market, but the team behind it believes it will be fairly cheap due to the inexpensive materials used in its creation. Make sure to check out this neat demonstration video that showcases just how great this coating is.

While there is currently no known food or drug that can help prevent a stroke, there is a new drug in development that could help repair the brain after having one. The drug, called edonerpic maleate (no, we can’t pronounce it, either), helps the brain strengthen the connection between brain cells that have been damaged by a stroke. The drug has already passed a number of safety trials as a possible medication for stroke victims. Tests on mice and monkeys show that the ones who take this drug have enhanced strength and dexterity after a rehabilitation program over those who did not use the drug. If you want to learn more this drug, you can check out the scientific journal here.

New research on human brain cells may have just revealed a way to reverse damage caused by Alzheimer’s disease. California scientists were able to change the structure of a specific protein associated with Alzheimer’s disease to make it easier to erase brain cell damage. The science behind the breakthrough is complicated, but basically, these proteins can clump together and disrupt neuron messages that cause cognitive problems. By changing the structure of the protein, they were able to successfully reverse this damage and make the protein harmless. The results are especially promising because they were performed on human brain cells rather than those from animals. There’s no telling where this will go in the future, but it has a lot of potential in treating this terrible disease.


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